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Interests Meme!

Stolen from syntheticjesso:

Instructions: Comment on this post. I will then choose seven interests from your profile and reply to you with them. Repost this meme in your own journal along with the explanations of what each chosen interest means and why you're interested in it.

Most of these are inside jokes from high school! HERE WE GOES: HIGH SCHOOL INSIDE JOKES - EXPLAINED!!!

bitter&smoking!harry potter - So, most of these involve my best friend from high school, way hetero life-mate and general mischief co-conspirator spinooti, from here on out known as "Anne" because that is her name and I don't want to type the lj tag a billion times. Anne and probably also shaataap (Aaron) decided that Harry Potter and the crew would all grow up angsty and bitter due to the amount of shit Voldemort put them through, and they'd spend their days smoking and bitching. The best part was that she would draw this, and it was always pretty great. She's taken everything awesome she's ever done off of her website, or I'd SHOW YOU. (The alternate ending is that Hogwarts is actually a school for notary publics, and book 7 would end with them all getting their notary public seals and going out in the world to notarize things.)

halloween parties in movies - I'm really not sure why I decided I needed this as an interest, but it's true, I tend to be fond of Halloween parties in movies! Examples include the Halloween party in Donnie Darko, the Halloween party in Mean Girls, and of course, the billions of Halloween parties in Hocus Pocus. (Like the one where they all dance and the mom is Madonna? That's pretty sweet.)

highway pirates - Another awesome thing by Anne that sadly no longer exists! We used to take these three action figures she had, they had names, their names were Shrembo, Noop, and I can't remember the last one, and we'd take pictures of them and Anne would write captions and it was basically a webcomic called "The Real Adventures of the Highway Pirates". Shrembo was a firefighter action figure with a deformed face and a penchant for drinking, Noop was inexplicably yellow and later in the strip discovered his inner woman and was re-named Sacajawea Poon (although I don't think that storyline actually made it to the internets), and the third one I can't remember was blue and red and he had a name. I remember nothing about him. They battled some villain who had a cadre of exploding cats, so usually, a cat exploded during some point in every episode. They also had adventures in such stunning locales as "Landy Land" which was full of yarn and "Shapely Yet Manly Leg Mountain" which was modeled by our friend Chris.

ponls - A misspelling of "ponys" which is, in turn, a misspelling of "ponies". "Pony" is probably my favorite word after "probably" and "blanana", and in high school, I used to say it all the time (and I mean, way more than I say it now). I said "Pony" or "ponies" so much that Anne and Aaron once had to have a "pony" intervention with me. Anyway, one time I mistyped "pony" and came up with "ponl". THE END.

solving kinko's mysteries - One time, Anne and Aaron and I went to Kinko's, probably to copy zines, and we discovered these copied pictures in the trash! Later, we discovered, elsewhere in the store, some copied captions. We discovered they went together, it was some sort of family scrapbook/memory thing. We kept it! It was like prying into someone's private life, it felt very mysterious and important somehow, and it made us happy. We intended to solve more Kinko's mysteries, but we didn't.

you thanked hitler - It's a Kids In The Hall sketch!

spoons - I like spoons...I think that's pretty self explanatory?

What I'm saying here is, shoot, high school was a lot more interesting than life is now, I think.

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