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Your Face

I CANNOT STOP READING THIS SITE. tomnoir posted about it earlier today and it's as addictive as postsecret, but better and funnier because instead of being secretive about it, folks are all UP IN EACH OTHER'S BIDNESS. But passively.

This is, by far, the best one so far. We like love! I adore it.

ANYWAY. I'm frustrated with work for taking up time I could be spending reading other people's passive aggressive notes. The next time I feel compelled to get in a wank fest with a random person on the internet, I'll just read this blog and save myself the emotional trauma of being directly (passively???) involved.

I had some things to say about fandom, too. I find that the thing I like best about fandom, what makes me absurdly happy, is looking forward to something. Looking forward to the TMBG concert in less than two weeks. (LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!) Looking forward to the next episode of AI. Looking forward to the next trade paperback of Buffy Season 8 that I ordered from Lonestar comics arriving. Looking forward to MOTHERFUCKING PORTUS. (Which, as it so happens, I decided I would attend just so I would have something HP related to look forward to.)

Fandom is awesome because the thing you fangirl/fanboy about makes you feel awesome. But knowing something new is on its way gives you that sweet, sweet feeling of anticipation, the awareness that soon, SOON, you will get to experience your own tiny fandom-produced Christmas when whatever it is you're looking forward to happens. The workday could suck balls, but you know that at the end of it waits a show/movie/book/comic/concert/convention. And that, to me, is what makes fandom awesome.

Also, this:

(Which actually embodies the other amazing thing about fandom: A group of over-enthusiastic people who will cheer at stupid things. I LOVE IT.)

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