Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

This weekend, I got to see a REALLY AMAZING DUDE do REALLY AMAZING YOGA. Esak Garcia, world yoga champion in 2005, did a demonstration and taught class at my studio on Saturday and ZOMG. SO MUCH AWESOME. Hearing him talk about his yoga practice made me feel the way I felt when I first discovered the yoga (I wish I'd takena tape recorder with me. Man.), and taking class from him felt like class is SUPPOSED to feel. I was all sore the next day, I haven't been that sore from yoga for a while. And I'm still a little sore today.

WHY BIKRAM IS AN AWESOME DUDE: Esak was telling us about teacher training, and how one guy said, "Bikram, I'm having trouble balancing in standing head to knee." And Bikram said, "Well, that's because balancing in standing head to knee is hard."

IT IS A TRUE STATEMENT THE MAN SPEAKS. A whole bag of hearts for Bikram.

ANYWAY: I finally got to see the choosing of the top 24 on American Idol, and yes, I'm sad Josiah didn't make it. I had a feeling he wouldn't, though, because of how much he cried and stuff? But I really hope he'll be okay. I want to know what happens to him next! Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the top 24 announcements.

And I'll have to either skip or come late to Coffee Haus for the next six weeks, because they'll be airing AI on Wednesdays and there'll be VOTING to do, until they get to the top twelve and then it'll go back to results only on Wednesdays.

I gots nothing interesting to say! I wish I had written more this weekend, I kind of slacked off there. I ordered a crapload of stuff with my tax return, that's very exciting! I'm looking forward to stuff trickling in through the mail. FUN WITH MAIL. HOORAY FOR MAIL!!!

The end.

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