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Chapter 17: Translucent

They managed to find Vanessa's location rather quickly, actually. Pinkie seemed in a fairly great haste to get there, and she managed to hunt it down with little trouble. This time, when she stomped on the ground three times, no hole emerged. Instead, a small building rose up, as if this was nothing out of the ordinary and buildings emerged out of the earth every day.

Maybe, here, they did.

The house was smaller than Mr. Morggison's, and not at all similar. His house had looked like something out of a story book fairy tale, quaint and inviting. This one appeared to have been built by someone who had no real concept of what a house should look like. For one thing, it had only three walls and was in the shape of a triangle. The roof was flat, except for a bit at the corner that shifted sharply upwards. The windows were at random slants, creating an effect something like swiss cheese. The entire building appeared to be see-through, as if made of frosted glass. However, it looked to be empty.

Pinkie approached it and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

"Maybe she's not home," Pepper said.

"No, if she wasn't home, I wouldn't have been able to pull up the house." She knocked again. Still no answer.

"Do you think she'd be avoiding you?" Pepper asked.

"I don't think so," she said. "HEY VANESSA!" She yelled, cupping her hands to the wall and yelling through them. "OPEN UP, IT'S PINKIE!"

The door opened wide. "Pinkie! Why didn't you say so in the first place?" The woman who emerged, presumably Vanessa, gave Pinkie a giant hug.

Vanessa was... well, she was perfectly built. There wasn't much other way of saying it. Pepper was doing his best not to stare, especially keeping in mind what Ferret had to say about her. She had impossibly long black hair that miraculously seemed to stay out of her way without pulling it back. She was shooting Pinkie the widest, most brilliant smile he had ever seen.

"So, who's the kid?" Vanessa asked, gesturing with her thumb to Pepper.

Normally, Pepper would have countered with something along the lines of "I'm not a kid," but when Vanessa said it, he didn't seem to mind as much.

"That's Pepper," Pinkie said.

"Hmmm, not too bad for a first boyfriend, sweet cheeks!" Vanessa laughed and waved them in.

Pinkie followed her, sputtering protests. "He's not - I mean, we're not - he's just -"

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm only teasing you," Vanessa said, giving Pinkie a good natured punch on the arm.

Pinkie rubbed her arm where she had been punched, even though it couldn't have hurt that much.

"Actually, it's his fault we're here," she told Vanessa. "He had a curious run in with a Pound ball today."

"Really?" Vanessa said, grabbing an apple off an oddly shaped table and taking a bite. "You play?"

"Um... no, I don't know how," Pepper said, looking around the inside of the house. You would have never known it from the outside, but it was packed with junk from wall to wall. Vanessa was clearly not much of a housekeeper. The rooms didn't seem to have any specific structure, and weaved in and out of each other. The walls sort of gave up where normal walls would have kept going.

"How'd you come across a Pound ball, then?" She threw apples to Pinkie and Pepper. Pepper just barely noticed the one flying at him, and caught it just before it knocked him square in the head.

"It got thrown through Ferret's window," Pinkie said.

"Oh, hey, how is ol' Ferret? I haven't seen him in a while, know what I mean?"

"He's doing well."

"Say, could the kid here see him?" Vanessa asked with a sly grin.

"No," Pepper admitted. "I couldn't."

"Hmm," Vanessa said, but didn't follow it up with anything.

"Anyway, basically what happened was Pepper picked up the ball, and it glowed."

Vanessa snorted. "Glowed? Like, mysterious, ebbing and throbbing alien sort of glow, or bright, intense rave party sort of glowing?"

"More like, delicate fairy flickering sort of glowing," Pinkie said.

"Ah," Vanessa took another bite of apple. "What brand of ball was it?"

"Brand?" Pepper asked.

"Yeah. Who made it? Lewis? Woon? Spag?"

"Morggison," Pinkie interjected.

Vanessa set her apple down and crossed her arms skeptically. "Morggison? His Pound balls aren't very good. Flashy-looking, sure enough. Collectors can't get enough of them. But us players don't much care for them. The weights are all off, they veer improperly and irregularly... just no good for play."

"Know anything about ones that glow?" Pinkie prodded.

"Well, if it's a Morggison, that means it's automatically imbued with certain properties. Glowing usually indicates a locator device, like it was tryin' to find something? But I couldn't think of why you'd want to use a Pound ball as a locator."

Pinkie pulled The book out of Pepper's pocket.

"He saw it in this first, before it actually got thrown through the window." She handed The book to Vanessa.

"Oh, wow, how did you get this?" Vanessa asked excitedly, taking the book from Pinkie and flipping through it. "I can't read anything in it, of course..."

"Mr. Morggison gave it to us," Pinkie explained.

"For the kid?"

"Yeah, for the, uh..." Pinkie gave Pepper a funny look. "The kid."

"Well, what has he read in it?"

"So far, just the thing about the ball. And Ferret saw a window, and next thing we knew, the Pound ball was flying through Ferret's window."

Vanessa's eyes widened, then went back to normal. "Ohhhhhhh, that's a first!"

"What?" Pepper asked, intrigued.

"You read The book in conjunction with someone else," Vanessa explained.

Pepper was confused. "What do you mean? What does The book do?"

Vanessa shrugged. "It depends on what you need it to do."

"Did I need it to throw a ball through a window?"

"That's not the point," Vanessa said. "You learned something from that ball flying through the window."

"I did?" Pepper asked, bewildered.

"Yep," Vanessa nodded. "You learned that someone was looking for you."

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