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So I went out and bought an antenna for my TV yesterday and it made American Idol come through BEAUTIFULLY, with all the clarity that a local channel filtered through no cable box on a TV purchased from Montgomery Ward in the 80's can provide! IT WAS SO, SO, SO SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL.

Seriously? I LOVE the way they did Hollywood week this year. HOORAY FOR NO GROUP DAY. SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. I always feel so bad for the contestants on group day, I hate it because it's pointless because they are NEVER judged on their merits for singing in a group again, and it causes all that stupid reality TV drama that AI is pretty good at lacking for the most part, save the auditions. SO I AM ALL FOR NO GROUP DAY.

I am also all for the whole getting to use instruments if you want! That was a pretty sweet deal! That first girl that sang with the piano, Brooke White? HOLY SHIT. They should let her do every song with a piano if she makes it.


David Archuleta: For some reason this kid reminds me of Zac Hanson. I SEE A CREEPY, PEDOPHILIC, WILL MAKAR-ESQUE CRUSH FORMING.

Kyle Ensley: He is the next Sanjaya. YOU JUST WATCH. (Except I think I like him a lot better.)

Kayla Hatfield: I didn't see her during Hollywood Week, but I hearted her audition. I hope she made it!

Josiah Leming: ALSKDJLSKFSLDAJFDS I HEART THIS GUY SO MUCH. I mean, he lives out of his car and he's ADORABLE. What is not to love? True, he made sort of a crummy mistake dismissing the band and singing like shit on Thursday, but he's got something to him. I'm afraid if he makes top 24 he'll be out quickly because his voice isn't that strong, BUT I WILL VOTE FOR HIM. I LOVE YOU JOSIAH. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.

Cardin McKinney: Another audition I loved that I don't remember seeing last night. DO GOOD, CARDIN. (Her name is Cardin. Come on.)

Danny Noriega: OH MAN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS UP WITH THIS KID, BUT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He freaked me the hell out at his audition until he started singing and then I was all SEND THAT GUY TO HOLLYWOOD. But I could not get behind your Sanjaya-esque hair last night, seriously, Danny, work on that.

Amanda Overmeyer: I don't know how I feel about this girl's voice, I agree with Simon on the whole "I know exactly what every song will sound like" thing, but she's SO FRIGGIN' LIKEABLE. So I'm rooting for her.

Jonathan Drew Poppelreiter: Audition I hearted...

Carly Smithson: Could this girl be ANY MORE SWEET AND ADORABLE?? Irish accent = FTW. I really hope she's as nice in real life as she seems on the show. Plus? Plus? WHAT A KICK-ASS SONG CHOICE.

Christopher Watson: Another another another audition I hearted.

Brooke White: See above, RE: Piano. Glue a piano to this girl's hands. PLZKTHX.

PREDICTION: Michael Johns, whom I'm not at all enthused by but the judges seem to love because of his Australian accent, will make the top 24 and I will end up hating him as much as Ace Young.

** ** **

ALSO: Since I've already completely lost any cool points I've ever earned in my lifetime by all the American Idol posts I make in this journal, and since everyone already knows I have creepy crushes on men too young to legally lust after, I'd like to state that I have been working VERY HARD to avoid developing one on teen heartthrob Zac Efron, despite my bizarre fascination with his stardom even though I've only actually seen him in Hairspray.

Unfortunately, I've failed.

Details magazine, I HATE YOU.

Guh. I mean. COME ON. COME ON. THAT IS NOT FAIR. If you are capable of resisting the sheer friggin' hotness of that picture? You are a better human being than I. I bet even straight men and lesbians are sitting there going, "Mmmmmm."

Also, I just looked it up on Wikipedia? He's 20. THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS.

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