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Mix Project: WANNA HELP??

First of all, my nose is filled with snot.

SECOND AND MORE IMPORTANT: I just received in teh mailxors some mix cds from tomnoir. They are wonderful, as I've developed a fascination with mix cds/tapes/what-have-you over the past several months. It's neat to me to hear, in music form, what it's like to be another person. Mix cds to me are kind of like windows to the soul: What did this person feel positive enough about to send to others?

Anywhoosle, I started thinking again about an idea I had for a mix cd project. I was going to wait, but now I'm not sure what I'm waiting for, exactly. With the miracle of sendspace, it can even be done without postage, so there's no reason not to do it!

"Heavens to Betsy, Chewbob, WHAT IS IT?"

Okay, I'll need about ten to fifteen willing participants. The idea is this: Everyone makes a mix cd of music they love. LOVE love. This music should, if at all possible, be stuff that's not mainstream, stuff that not everyone has heard. You know the stuff: When someone asks you what you're listening to and you tell them and they stare at you blankly? That stuff. When your mix is finished, it should make you feel like yourself, the way only great and personal music can, so everyone's basically making their own "You Mix". The restrictions: only 10 songs (this is because of the next part, these should be short mixes), and no repeat artists.

Then, everyone swaps with EVERYONE. Maybe one person drops their mix per week, until everyone's gotten to listen to everyone else's mix.

HERE'S THE EVEN MORE FUN PART: I've discovered this phenomenon with all the mix cds I've accumulated over the past several months: There will be tracks I enjoy. There will be tracks I skip every time. But, invariably, there will be a track or two I end up listening to over and over and over again, incorporating it into my own personal lexicon of music.

SO, once you've listened to everyone's mixes, pick the tracks that are your favorites (at least one from everyone's mix) and make your own NEW mix. You now have a brand new "You Mix" of music that you didn't even know before. And the best part is, you like EVERY track. :) You don't have to actually upload the final "You Mix," since everyone should have everyone else's music, you'll only need the track listing.

Any takers? If you know of anyone who might be interested in this who may not read my journal, point them in this direction! I'd really like to do this with people who will actively participate.

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