Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I've been listening to The Edge since 10 this morning, listening for new stuff to throw on a music journal. Since this morning, they've played exactly TWO new songs from the past three months. I usually have plenty of music journal fodder if I wait three months.

I AM SCARED FOR THE EDGE. Clear Channel, do not be stupid and think that just because you gave us back The Eagle, you can now take The Edge away. I WILL KILL YOU SO HARD. Or at least complain very, very bitterly.

The DJ's don't seem as snappy as usual and the incidental station IDs don't pop as much. Maybe I'm just imagining it all...but I'll know once Jessie gets on the air. They've also redesigned the website. It's a little easier to navigate now, I guess, but it's more...not Edge-like? If the Edgefest lineup sucks this year, I'm going to hurt someone.


I got to level 38 in World of Warcraft last night! :) I know nobody except maybe Sammy-Joe cares. This is exciting to me because it means there's only two levels left before I can get THIS:

IT IS A BIG PURPLE ELEPHANT THING THAT MOVES A HELL OF A LOT FASTER THAN I DO NOW. Sadly, this is really the biggest reason I became addicted to playing WoW. I saw the Elekks and I said, "HOLY SHIT I WANT A BIG PURPLE ELEPHANT THING."

So when I hit level 40 and I get my big elephant thing, I'm hoping the game doesn't get boring, but as Fraher pointed out, I can work towards THIS:


In less nerdy news (maybe), I went over to wickedsin's fancy new apartment (and I mean FANCY, they pick up her trash from her front porch three times a week. ZOMG WANT) and printed an excessive amount of pages to begin my trilogy edits. Also in attendance was zauzau, who was helping her put some shelves together. Phrases I overheard:

"All this screwing is making my arm tired."

"Just a few more screws and it'll be hammer time!"

"After the screwing comes the nailing."

Nearly all of these were followed by the phrase, "That's what she said."

It was an exciting weekend!

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