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Chapter 11: Defenestrate

It wasn't anything special, Pepper thought to himself as he turned the book over a few times. Other than being vaguely ornate, it wasn't entirely dissimilar to the special collector's editions his mother had in the locked bookcase at home. Pepper stared at the gold "The" on the cover. It seemed like there should be more to a title than that. He was used to things like, "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe," where "the" was descriptive of many things.

He looked up to see Pinkie watching him expectantly. "Well?" She said, "Are you going to open it?"

Pepper nodded, "I'm taking my time," he explained.

"Why?" Ferret asked.

The question caught him off guard. "You know," Pepper said thoughtfully, "I've been asking that question a lot myself lately. Why am I in this place? Why do we have this book? Why does this place even exist?"

"All perfectly valid questions," Ferret agreed.

Pinkie slapped at the air to her right. "Ferret!" she shouted, sounding somewhat offended.

"Well, Pinkie, love, to be perfectly honest, it is expecting a lot of someone to drag them here without explaining anything."

Pinkie crossed her arms. "I didn't not explain ANYTHING," she said defensively.

"Did you tell him why you are here?" Ferret did not sound rude or upset. His tone of voice was calm, as if trying to explain math to a four year old.

"I told him we were visiting Mr. Morggison."

Ferret laughed. "That's not a reason, Pinkie," he said. "That's just a path to more questions."

Pepper nodded in agreement. "I do have quite a few questions."

"Open up that book, boy, see what you find."

Despite the fact that he felt somewhat indignant at being called "boy" by Ferret, Pepper did as he was politely instructed and opened The to the first page.

It was blank.

"There's nothing here."

Pinkie sighed. "Try turning a few pages," she said.

Pepper did. The next page was blank, and the one after that, and after that, and after that. But on the sixth page, there was a green dot.

"Huh," Pepper said, a bit lost for words.

"What is it?" Pinkie said.

He held up the book to show her.

"I don't see anything," she said.

"You don't see the big green dot right in the middle of the page?"

"Not everyone reads The book the same way," Ferret said.

"Well, can you see anything?" asked Pepper.

"What I see will have no meaning for you," Ferret replied.

"That's not what I asked." Pepper held the book closer to the empty spot where Ferret's voice had been coming from. "I'm just interested to know if you see anything."

Ferret remained quiet for a moment, before saying, "Yes,"

"What do you see?" Pinkie asked.

Another slight pause, then, "A window."

"Is it green?" Pepper pried.

"No, it's not green, it is open. That's all."

Pepper closed the book and set it on the table. "Well," he said, "That was entirely unhelpful."

"No, it wasn't!" cried Pinkie. "It means you are supposed to read it, not me. I flipped through The for an entire hour this morning and read nothing."

"That's very good, and all, except that I don't know how much good a green dot and a window will do anyone,"

"As I said before," mentioned Ferret, "My reading will have no bearing for you."

He had only just finished uttering the word "you" when a green orb flew through his window, shattering it, and landed on the floor at Pepper's feet.

"...or I could be entirely incorrect."

Pepper picked up the orb hesitantly, not sure if it was made of poison or anything harmful. He held it out to Pinkie. "Would you say this looks like a big green dot?"

She nodded. "I would say it very closely resembles a big green dot."

"And it came flying through your window," he said to Ferret.

"So it did. What do you take that to mean, young Pepper?"

"Well, I'm new to this whole adventure thing. But generally, when something comes through a window, it is because someONE threw it. Do you have any idea who would be throwing green orbs through your window, Ferret?"

Pepper failed to hear a response.

"He shrugged," Pinkie said.

"Well," Pepper began boldly, "I suggest that our first step should involve finding out."

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Full Story at pepperadventure

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