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ETA: SWEET DEAL, thanks to helenangel for pointing this out to patrick___ who pointed it out to me, January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day! As a hardcore loather of MySpace, I can get behind this idea A BILLION AND THIRTY-TWO PERCENT. I'm almost tempted to get an account just to delete it on that day. But that would mean I'd actually have to get an account, so instead, I'll just tell everyone else about it. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNTS. FACEBOOK IS PRETTIER. (I don't have a FaceBook, either, but I'd be ninety times more likely to get one over a MySpace if I ever succumb to the bizarre world of random online profiles.) /end ETA

Okay, enough Heath Ledger depression for now, let's talk about American Idol. I'm a week behind right now, but that's better than nothing, right? So far, I've seen the Philadelphia and the Dallas auditions. I hearted them both! I'm actually really excited about this season! The people they're picking for Hollywood seem really good, it looks like there's going to be a good group. And the people they're shunting, they're not being horribly rude to. And then there was this guy. Holy shit. If he releases a single, I WILL BUY IT. He's really not that bad a singer, he's


I'm doing this again because I have to revise it to include last season, and I know it means SO MUCH to all of you:

Chewbob's Top Five Favorite American Idol Performances EVIR!!!

NOTE: These are only from when I started watching, which was the end of season 4, on. Also, this is COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE. If you disagree, do your own Top 5 list. :)

5. Paris Bennett - Fever (Was #4 last year)

(Song starts at 1:06/6:02)

I always loved Paris' voice, but I don't think I loved her as much for her performance as I did with this song. For one thing, she totally looked the part, done up all retro jazzy like that. But more than that, her stage presence and vocal control stole the show that night. You would never guess that this girl was only sixteen.

4. Melinda Doolittle - I'm a Woman (New this year)

(Song starts at 0:26/3:46)

Melinda was my favorite from last season, hands down. She had the most AMAZING voice and delivered EVERY night, as if she were already the winner. She really should have won, in my opinion. This song shows off everything awesome about her, especially that she was pulling off this badass shit right out of the bag, even before she made top 12.

3. Carrie Underwood - Love is a Battlefield (Was #3 last year)

(Song starts at 0:20/2:28)

This is the performance that made me decide I wanted Carrie to win. It's also probably the performance you can all blame my addiction to this show on. She busts right out the gate singing her heart out, she looks really good, and I love the way she walks around the crowd. I think the judges were totally wrong about this performance, my favorite of Carrie's stuff on her album are the songs where she lets this rock side of her out.

2. Elliot Yamin - Somebody to Love (Was #2 last year)

(Song starts RIGHT AWAY!)

OH MY GOD. Easily the best Elliot performance of the season. I love the way he sang this so much that now, when I hear the original, I think of Elliot singing it instead. A truly flawless performance, this was the highlight of the Queen-themed show (which was one I was dreading)! When Elliot made it to the top three, I voted for him only, even though Taylor was still my favorite, just because a voice like that is worth voting for. I can still listen to this one over and over and over and never get sick of it. Even if you don't watch another single video on this list, WATCH THIS ONE!!!!

1. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name (New this year)

(Song starts 0:54/4:59)

Easily the best, most original Idol performance I've ever seen. Since I haven't seen all of them, I'm hesitant to say "of all time", but I'd make a stab at it! I've shown this performance to non-AI watchers and they still find it incredible, which really says something about the performance because it stands alone. Blake could have easily taken a great Bon Jovi song and ruined it, but instead, he did something new, awesome and VERY ENTERTAINING with it, and that's why he scored the number 2 spot last year. (And yes, if you didn't watch, all the beat boxing he's doing himself!) This one will be tough to top, I could see it staying at number one next year, too.

Bumped from last year's list:
Taylor Hicks - In The Ghetto (Was #5 last year)
Melissa McGhee - Why Haven't I Heard From You? (Was #2 last year)


poosk: To search for vermin on a person.

Holy crap, can I relate to this word's story:

A Mighty Problem
On this date in 1669, celebrated English diarist Samuel Pepys described a haircut precipitated by a common problem of his day: "To my wife's chamber, and there supped, and got her [to] cut my hair and look [at] my shirt, for I have itched mightily these six or seven days. And when all comes to all, she finds that I am lousy, having found in my head and body about twenty lice, little and great, which I wonder at, being more than I have had, I believe, in these twenty years. I did think I might have got them from the little boy, but they did presently look [at] him and found none. So how they come I know not, but presently did shift myself, and so shall be rid of them...And so with much contesnt, to bed." John Mactaggart's Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia (1824) contained the homemade-sounding term miteled, which the author defined as "eaten away, as if by mites."

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