Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So...I joined Twitter, probably the most pointless website ever created, because Mur Lafferty has an account. You know I have a problem if I join Facebook because of her. Watch out for that, guys.

She updates about 700 times a day, though, so it's like getting to see her day go by as it happens!

I feel sort of like a creepy stalker. But in my defense, she is all the time talking about her Twitter account and she's the one that updates it every second of the day, so I feel less bad about that!


I figured out why I like her podcasts and stuff, though! It's because it feels like the same sort of camaraderie as NaNoWriMo, that community "let's go write!" mentality. So it's encouraging me to write the things I WANT to write when it's not NaNo time, plus, I'm learning things about the "biz"! I think it would be fun to write some short stories and submit them to magazines, although I still think any novels I write will stay self-published, at least for now. FOR NOW.

I've got 7511 words down on Project X, and an idea for a short story that I should probably just write but I'm doing the whole "No, it's more frustrating exciting to stall!" thing.


Spleenful: Angry; peevish; fretful; melancholy.

Birthday of Lord Byron (1788-1824)
English poet. Despite his enviable circumstances of wealth, rank and literary acclaim, Byron was endowed with a melancholic disposition due in part to his childhood with emotionally unpredictable parents. His poetry was not universally admired, as is demonstrated by this unflattering passage from the memoirs of American president John Quincy Adams, published six years after Byron's death: "His versification is so destitute of sustained harmony, many of his thoughts are so strained, his sentiments so unamiable, his misanthropy so gloomy, his libertinism so shameless, his merriment such a grinning of ghastly smile, that I have always believed his verses would rank with forgotten things." Byron's contempt for humanity, which helped him deflect criticism of his work, can be sensed in this couplet from Don Juan:
Society is now one polish'd horde
Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.

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