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Your Face

Things I'm Grateful For Pt. 2

*My iPod. I have music I want when I want it. If I had to get rid of all of my possessions and could only keep one, I'd be screwed because I wouldn't be able to choose between Toto, the stuffed dog I've had and slept with since birth, or my iPod. But if I could only keep two, it would be Toto and my iPod.

*Toto, for that matter! I love him! He's squishy and adorable and keeps the bad dreams away.

*The workstudy program at yoga, getting to take class for free.

*Getting to be friends with my best friend of old again.

*They Might Be Giants!


*Pleasant breezes

*Page-a-day calendars

*Good friends (always!)

*My own space, now available whenever I need it

*Glasses, so that I can see

*Computers and the internet, and livejournal

*I'm sure there's a multitude of other things, but that's all I've got for now. :)

clock-faces: A favorite name for the small circles of ice formed upon a pool when it begins to freeze over.

Some Things Never Change
In his Curiosities of London (1855) John Timbs related details of the "Frost Fair" that began on this date in 1789: "No sooner had the Thames acquired a sufficient consistency than booths, turnabouts, &c. were erected, [and] puppet-shows, wild beasts, &c. transported from every adjacent village. Many thousands of persons crossed upon the ice from Tower Wharf to the opposite shore. The watermen broke in the ice close to the shore and erected bridges with toll-bars to make every passenger pay a halfpenny for getting to the ice. A large pig was roasted on one of the roads, and the printing-press was erected, as usual, to commemorate the strange scene." Chronicling January 9, 1783, diarist John Evelyn wrote, "I went crosse the Thames on the ice, which now became so thick as to bear not only streets of boothes in which they roasted meate and had divers shops of wares, as in a towne, but coaches, carts, and horses."

This is pretty awesome. A street fair on a friggen' river because it's all frozen. That would never happen in Texas.

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