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So here's what I've decided to do with lj from now on, and we'll see if it works out. I'm going to put the stuff I actually want to post about here at the top, and then put the word of the day definition and story behind a cut, and then put the stuff I'm only posting for my own benefit at the bottom under another cut so that no one has to read it if they don't want to. Isn't that nice of me?

I would just like to say that yesterday's Dinosaur Comics was PRETTY GREAT, particularly panel three which read:

"In a good story, [explosions] function as punctuation marks. Hamlet says 'To be or not to be', and the building behind him blows up. It is spectacular. The audience whispers, 'Yes, this is what Shakespeare meant.'"



-A favorite liquor among the common people, composed of ale and roasted apples. The pulp of the roasted apple [was] worked up with the ale till the mixture formed a smooth beverage. Fanciful etymologies for this popular word have been thought of, but it was probably named from its smoothness, resembling the wool of lambs.

-The pulpe of the roasted apples, in number foure or five, according to the greatnesse of the apples, mixed in a quart of faire water, laboured together unill it come to be as apples and ale, which we call lambes-wooll.

-A corruption of la mas ubhal, that is, the day of the apple fruit.

"Tenth Night" Cheer
After hosting a dinner party for friends on this date in 1667, English diarist Samuel Pepys wrote of drinking a lamb's-wool nightcap: "At night to sup, and then to cards and, last of all, to have a flagon of ale and apples, drunk out of a wooden cup as a Christmas draught, which made all merry."

So there you go, now you all have a cool new recipe for shit to get drunk with! I like that this one was pretty straight forward. If anyone actually bothers to make this, let me know!

Daily shit:
YESTERDAY, Thursday, January 3rd. Woke up and went to work, Emma's back! She's not dead! She's been gone since October, so this is a supar big deal. It finally feels like the same place I started working at, because I can yell through the wall at her and she'll make amusing comments and I don't feel all isolated in my cubicle. I've been feeling all alone, sort of going crazy by the end of the day due to lack of folks to talk to. So good deal! I kind of wish Emma had been here through the whole Jeffrey thing, so I would have had someone to talk to instead of keeping it all in all day until I got home.

Left work and went to Tom Thumb to order checks and get a money order to pay my rent. Wells Fargo tried to talk me into getting the two linked accounts with an automatic savings withdrawal for the BILLIONTH time, I wish they could just put a permanent note in their computer that says, "No, I DO NOT WANT FUCKING LINKED ACCOUNTS. I OVERDRAFT ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME." There was a girl in line who had awesome hair, the first person I've ever seen in real life with synthetic dreads. It made me miss browsing through all the fake hair sites, when I still would have been ballsy enough to do that. You think having pink hair is a bold move? Check out some of the shit the girls do in this comm: fakehair Her dreads were beautiful, too. Thin enough to not look stupid, predominantly aqua-blue but with lots of pink, green and yellow swirled in. Her natural hair was black, it looked like she had just pinch-braided them in. And she did it all herself, with NO HELP.

Maybe I should make myself a pair of dread falls, and wear them out at least once. That would be a less permanent way to still try that out, since I never really got to when I wanted to. I think, even with as lenient as RAZ is, synth dreads might be too much for them. :) I think I might change the "Buy an Alphasmart" item on my list to that, since mom bought me the Alphasmart I wanted for Christmas and that item is moot now.

Anyway, I got the money order and bought myself some ice cream since yesterday was the first day of my monthly bullshit, and after a panic-inducing few moments where I didn't know where my keys were, I left to go visit Jessie.

We sat around and talked for a while, in the freezing garage, me with my ice cream, so it was even colder. Corie came in and chatted with us, we talked about high school and the re-enactment groups Jessie and Jim had been in in the past. Once I was done freezing my ass off, I had some of the stew Corie made, watched a few minutes of The Incredibles, and was out the door to clean the yoga studio.

I started making a playlist for cleaning on my new iPod, mostly WHILE I was cleaning, so it took me longer to clean (I finished up a little after eleven). I talked to my mom before I started, since she had just taken class. We're going to go to the yoga asana championships on Saturday, which means I'm going to have to get up early for class. I'm going to try to start going to class early on Saturdays, which means I'm going to have to start going to bed earlier on Fridays. We'll see how long that lasts. At least Saturday morning class is 8 o'clock instead of 6 AM like most morning classes.

I didn't have to vacuum since Greg had taken the fancy new vacuum home to fix (it broke already, this is why you shouldn't spend $1200 on a vacuum). Even without vacuuming, it still took me forever to finish up, since Sarah had just sent us all an e-mail saying "MAKE SURE YOU DO SHIT THE RIGHT WAY OR NO MORE WORKSTUDY PROGRAM" only nicer because Sarah is too nice to be mean directly. I did the best I could, being a natural-born slob and not knowing all those minute details that neat-freaks look for makes it tough for me to clean, but I know that I'd be screwed if I couldn't get my yoga for free.

Went home, took a loverly shower, read a bit of PoA and went to bed.

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