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Okay, so it is now the New Year, I have an apartment, it's time to buckle down on my list. I have to accomplish 4 things a month in order to get it all done on time, but a LOT of my "things" cover a span of time longer than a month, the entire 1001 days or are just something that's tough to gauge time-wise. So, here are the ones I'm going to actively work on for the month of January! (I am posting so that it's OFFICIAL.)

THE BIG ONE (and I guess this sort of counts as a New Year's Resolution, too):

18. Write a letter to someone every week for a year.


21. Make calendar to keep track of friend's birthdays.
(Are you my friend? What is your birthday? I WILL ADD YOU.)

37. Watch some Marylin Monroe movies.
(Can't be too hard, right?)

51. Knit two new pairs of socks.
(I've got one sock of one pair done, I want to have the second sock knit by the end of the month.)

64. Tie-dye something.
(I have a shirt that Megan gave me that's all blotched for random reasons with various colors, so I may as well tie-dye it and make it look like it's supposed to be that way, right?)


11. Pay off my car.
(Only a little over $3000 to go!)

15. Be at least two-thirds through paying off student loan and my Aunt.
(They're making me start payments on my student loan, so I'm sort of working on this one against my will.)

19. Clean room once a month.
(I finally HAVE a room, so I guess I have to start cracking on this one. Right now, of course, it's messy.)

31. Put all my cds on my computer/iPod.
(Since my computer seems to hate iTunes, I think I'm just going to stick with iPod on this one, I GOT A NEW ONE FOR CHRISTMAS, HOORAY!)

35. Memorize every song in Schubert's "Winterreise".
(I HAVE to do this, because I HAVE to perform it at some point.)

83. Keep up with "music journals" (mix cds of current music every three months).
(I'm pretty sure I need to do that this month.)

98. Try to post about general life every day, it will be interesting to me later.
(I've kind of gotten bad about doing this again.)

So that's it. Maybe I should x-post this to mission101, since I've never posted progress there.

FOLKS WITH LISTS: How goes your shit? You keeping up with it? Progress?

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