Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I've been a bitch....

You know how sometimes, you're doing something and the little nagging voice in your head is all, "Stop it, stop it, you shouldn't do that, in fact, you should have stopped doing that about three 'thats' back," but you do it anyway? And then when you're done, you feel all sick and nasty, because you know you shouldn't have bothered?


Thanks to everyone who's participated and commented on this entry. I'm unlocking it now and unscreening comments, if you're interested in seeing what other folks had to say on it or discussing it further. I'm not going to explain what it was all about, because I still don't want to get any of my bias in it, I've been doing that all over the place at the site of the issue. But I will say that post was something of an eye-opener as far as issues from outsider's perspectives go, that you can be knee deep in something and not see something else. It was interesting to see the different opinions that came out of it, it was a much needed relief to hear different perspectives without context.

There is a context for the problem that makes it larger than it would initially seem. And I will say that neither person A nor B is me. But I got involved in it, I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself, that call to wank was still inside me and I probably should have just sought out a better, safer venue, like fandom_wank or something.

Am I taking back anything I've said in this dispute? Nah. I stand by all of it 100%. But when it falls on deaf ears, the negative impact of it all falls back on me, and it's affected other aspects of my life.

I'm ready for 2008 to be a much more positive year, where I don't hurt a bajillion people! Who's with me?

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