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A Question.

What follows is a dispute between two people. Please read it and answer the question at the end. No further information will be given.

Person A:

Okay, I have to say something about this service payment thing. It kind of makes me mad that you told me you were broke, and asked to not pay the $15 until paycheck day, and then you continue to go out for lunch every day. It makes me mad because a) you aren't broke, you just have other priorities, and b) I kind of depend on the money from you and another person to make my budget work. Luckily this month the service provider decided to do something weird with my bill, so I was okay, but any other month it would have caused problems. I know $15 isn't a lot to you, but my budget is pretty close. I really need for you to pretend that this is a "real" bill, because it's real enough to me. The only area of my budget with any flexibility is my food money, so if I'm short, that's where the shortage is.

So that's that. It is okay this time, because the service provider is special, but in the future it might not always be okay.

Person B:

Well, just so you know..

I have been bringing my lunch for the past two weeks. Except for three days. One of them my friend had the day off and suprised me with a picnic. Another was when my friend and I went to Wendys of which THEY paid. BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY. Today, I had a another picnic with my friend, they packed sandwiches.

I am kind of offended you assume I would screw you over. I had to advance money from my paycheck from the bank at 10% just to buy gas. I had to ask my mother for money just to get home yesterday.

Don't you dare call me a liar and say my priorities aren't in order. I am not a dishonest person, I told you I needed to wait till payday, and I do.

You will have your money tomorrow. no sooner.

Person A:

Person B, you know you have been known to do things to your advantage at the disadvantage of others in the past without any qualms.

Person B:

Well fuck you too.

I would like it if we didn't talk for a while.

I will pay you tomorrow.

I am quite pissed that you would say something like that.

So much so that I don't think you even consider me a friend, a friend wouldn't accuse you of stealing from them, and lying to them.

I am going to start looking into getting my own service, I don't want to do business with someone who treats people like that.

As to me doing things to my advantage, SO FUCKING WHAT. I am human, I have never claimed to be with out sin and short comings.

You have no right to say I would do something like that to my advantage.

You need to grow up and stop assuming people are out to get you.

Person A:

Okay. Let's take this point by point.

1) Calm down. Just take a deep breath.

2) You acknowledge that you do things to your advantage. If you know this, and I know this, why wouldn't I say as much? And why would you get mad for me saying something that is true?

3) I never said you lied. Read carefully. I said that I heard one thing from you and saw something else. And look at it from my point of view: you make almost $2/hour more than me, I'm assuming you don't have car payments or as much insurance as me, and you eat out practically every day... and you still talk about how broke you are. What else am I going to assume? It's not like you ever actually converse with me.

4) I never said you were out to get me, nor did I accuse you of stealing. In fact, I never said you even did it on purpose. I just made a point about how tight my budget is, and how normally I would be put out by your lack of payment.

5) In regards to your text, and how you don't like to be insulted by people you consider friends... well, neither do I. And you've been throwing quite a few expletives my way.

6) If a friend doesn't call you out on your shortcomings, who will? A random stranger on the street? Perhaps in your case I shouldn't have done it in one line, but I was in a hurry. I do apologize for that. But would you really rather go on without anyone ever telling you?

7) I'm not out to get you. I don't hate you. I do still consider you a friend, despite everything. If I hated people for their shortcomings, I wouldn't have any friends. All people have shortcomings. That's part of being human. I have learned to be friends with someone and accept that they have shortcomings, because I know I have my own (emotional! impulsive! withdrawn!) and my friends like me despite them.

Person B:

I am glad to take this point by point.

1. I told you I was broke, again I reiterate that this isn't a lie.

2. I got upset at you saying that because of the manner in which you put it, you were in fact calling me a liar.

I tell you I am broke, I confirm it with the fact that I haven't paid for food in two weeks, and had to take out a loan, AND borrow money just to buy fuel. You reply with: "Person B, you know you take advantage of people and don't care about it." --- this is calling me a liar, and is very insulting.

3. You heard that one thing from me and saw what you apparently wanted to see. Just because I leave the building doesn't mean I go out to eat. just because I go out to eat doesn't mean I pay for it. If you want to let things boil up and get all emotional about it, and confront me on something you don't know the truth or even remotely know the circumstance, that is fine, but doing it in a rude and angry way like that is not cool.

Yes I make more money than you, but you have everything budgeted, I don't, my money comes and goes, I spend it. Also I have a special friend, whom of which I have made it a point to pay for everything for these past 2 months, even their fees for things. Because I know they don't make that much.

You know nothing about my financial situation, or the bills I pay, so don't act like you do, that is crass and arrogant of you.

4. "I never said you even did it on purpose." READ: just have other priorities..." -- This is saying I did it on purpose.

If waiting would have hurt your budget, then say so. But if you say I can wait, then damn it I am going to wait. You should stick to your word, and not assume I am spending my money elsewhere.

6. Calling out on short comings is one thing, but blatantly insulting someone, or using them to gain advantage in a situation is wrong, plain and simple.

Friends also believe each other when they tell them something, and will admit when they were wrong about something, and not continue to insult their intelligence by trying to belittle them.

I accept your apology, thank you, I forgive you.

But please stop trying to prove yourself right about me trying to stiff you on the payment, and not caring about your budget.

This argument is over, I will pay you tomorrow.

When we first agreed.

Good night, rest well.

If you recognize the scenario and know who these people are, do not vote.

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