Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

An open call!

Okay, I've been getting some strange texts from someone who signs all of his missives **Da Get Away Man**.

They are confusing, and have continued even after I've texted him that he's got the wrong number. Here is the correspondence I've received thus far:

Dec. 19th, 1:44 AM:
"Iz yal sleep yet"

Dec. 19th, 10:20 AM:
"Wake da fuc ^"

Dec. 19th, 1:19 PM:
"Ol we goin home"

I sent him a text saying I think he had the wrong number, and the texts stopped for that day...but the next day, they started up again:

Dec. 20th, 11:09 AM:
"Dat hoe wuz clean but day 4got boosie n weebie"

And then, the next day:

Dec. 21st, 5:43 PM:
"Wudd we at da park wur u at"

This person is clearly a master of the English language, as well as the scholarly sort. He's confusing the hell out of me, so my solution?

Let's confuse the hell out of him.


His number is: 817-716-7675. Send him oddball texts! Call him and ask him if he's bringing Monopoly over next time he visits! It will be a fun social experiment to see how long it takes him to catch on. Post comments with your efforts, and if you get any response. And most of all, HAVE FUN! :)

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