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Pier 1 tells me there's "bearly" time left! TIME LEFT FOR WHAT, PIER ONE, NOT BUYING STUPID BEARS??

So, guys, it's Christmas, and that means I am giving everyone on my friends list a gift, and that, of course, is MORE FREE GLENN BECK AUDIO!!!

I know, I know, you are astounded by my generosity. I sent this audio to Gutterbajillien (I think I spell it different every time, but that's because the end is sort of a vague mishmash of letters in my brain) but I feel it is shameful not to make it available to EVERYBODY.

Hour 3 of the December 18th program, Glenn and Stu (his writer/producer) talk about Christmas decorations. This hour is great, it includes banter back and forth between Glenn and Stu (one of my favorite things to listen to), amusing things that piss Glenn off for no good reason, it mentions at least in passing the critical members of Glenn's staff (Glenn himself, of course, Stu, already mentioned, Dan Andros, his producer, and Sarah the phone screener), and at the end it includes a call from a dude who thinks the entire hour is a waste of radio.

But perhaps the most important reason you should download this audio is this: It contains, at the 12:14 mark, the Angry Wife Voice.

You long-term readers, those of you in my hardcore legion of fans, might recall that the Angry Wife Voice is absolutely my favorite thing that Glenn does EVER. If I had my way, I'd want Glenn to do an entire hour, hell, maybe even the entire THREE hours in the Angry Wife Voice. Maybe it could be a special show where Glenn is mysteriously "absent", so Tania is filling in for him.

Okay, now I'm just slipping into unattainable fantasy land, forgive me. THE POINT IS: Download this shit and throw it on a cd. Then, when you're wrapping your pile of gifts at the last minute, or you're driving a gazillion miles to visit your family on Christmas day, you have something entertaining to listen to to fill the time.


Or forever wish you had.

EDIT: Oh my god.

If free audio isn't enough for you, let me also give you this:

Glenn's Coma Hot Chocolate

5 pints of LIGHT CREAM or 1/2 & 1/2.
12 Hershey candy bars.

Slowly heat cream on stove, break candy bars in small pieces and slowly add to warm cream. Stir until melted candy is fully mixed.

Serve ASAP and try not to go into a coma.

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