Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Stolen from aishy....

On the twelfth day of Christmas, kandigurl sent to me...
Twelve spoons drumming
Eleven skittles piping
Ten christmas a-programming
Nine batteries crocheting
Eight things a-knitting
Seven candles a-sleeping
Six pogs a-dreaming
Five che-e-e-eese enchiladas
Four seven nations
Three highway pirates
Two making zines
...and a pizza in a taping shows obsessively.
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Hahaha, FOUR Seven Nations. And Three Highway Pirates, it's true! There were three of them! I miss them.

In 2008, kandigurl resolves to...
Spend more time with my computer geeks.
Apply for a new chicken.
Ask my boss for a love.
Cut down to ten mixtapes a day.
Connect with my inner disco.
Be nicer to aloria.
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Man, Lauren, I'm sorry I was so mean to you this year!

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