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Not as tired as I thought I would be today! I was sleepy this morning, but I'm more awake now. Maybe it's because they opened the door, so fresh air is circulating? Could be it. Sabrina was up with the sickness last night, and I was keeping an eye on her, but it meant I got to watch Toy Story and Alice In Wonderland, both of which I haven't seen in a while, so hooray!

Wrote a lot this weekend, not as much as I'd've liked to yesterday, but I got past 20K (HOORAJ), and I think I already mentioned that in my boring entry.

I did a budget purge today, which means my budget was so fucked by me not really paying attention to it and spending money I didn't have before I got it and all the crazy making deposits and refunding deposits and deposits evaporating into thin air that I just gave up and started over with what is actually in my bank account. Luckily, I'm not too screwed, I'll still be able to make the car payment I had planned, and deposit $100 into savings, AND pay off my RAZ stuff so that I'll have a clean slate when it's time to order Christmas stuff. (FOR GIFTS. I'M ORDERING ONLY ONE THINGS FOR MYSELF.)

Need to make car payment soon, tomorrow at lunch. I wanted to get my budget in order before I did it, so that's done, and I can take care of it, now.

Life is pretty okay now that I feel better knowing my money isn't in shambles!


The end!
Tags: money, movies, nanowrimo, sleep

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