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On the apartment front...

Let it be known that I did not get my apartment yesterday, nor did I sign a lease. Maybe today will be better?

I went in yesterday after work to find that the office has moved across the street to another apartment complex. At this point, I'm thinking 6-month lease, please.

So I go in to talk to the lady I've been talking to through this whole thing. I say I'm ready to sign my lease, having paid the $199 move-in two and a half weeks ago.

She tells me they don't have my keys yet, and they need to do one more thing and it should be ready to move in to tomorrow afternoon (aka today). I asked her if I was signing a 6- or 12-month lease.

She told me the $199 move-in special is for the 12-month lease, and in order to get the 6-month lease I will have to pay the first month's rent in full. The $199 I've already paid will be split among the $40 application fee and the $150 deposit, leaving $9 to go towards any rent I might pay.

OR, if I don't want to pay the full month, I can wait until the 15th (another week and a half) to move in and only pay half.

She then pulls out an aqua sharpie and a piece of paper, writing my new address at the top and my leasing options and saying, "Here, why don't you think about it tonight and call me back tomorrow?"

I sit there, incredibly flustered because past experience has proven that getting a hold of anyone during the day is next to impossible on my break schedule. But I figure I can look at my budget and see if I can swing the 6-month, because with all the shit the new owners have been pulling, it doesn't look like my old apartments will be a very good place to live for much longer.

So, I've called three times today, once on my 10:15 break, once at lunch (1:15), and once just now on my 3:15 break and all three times they've been "out on property".

I just want to say that I hate apartment complexes? I really do? And I couldn't be more fed up with this whole situation. As it currently stands, I have no idea when I'll actually move in. It could be today, it could be two weeks from now.

It could be never if I decide to just say "screw you" and find a completely different apartment complex to move into, which is looking like less and less of a bad idea if it weren't for the fact that since my application was approved, the $199 I paid is now non-refundable.
Tags: apartment, bitching

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