Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I got my Toms today! They are adorable! They came in a cute bag, too, and a note saying they took an estimated 40,000 pairs to Africa. :) I haven't got a chance to wear them around yet, but they fit when I slipped them on.

ALSO: I called the apartments today (after trying to get a straight answer out of them as to when I would be able to move in for the past two weeks), and they said I can come sign the lease this afternoon, so HOPEFULLY I'll be sleeping in my very own apartment tonight! HERE'S HOPING.

NANO UPDATE: 7,885 words! I'm trying to write two 1,000 word minimum chapters a day, I've got 7 so far. I'm doing this NaNo with no definite word goal beyond the 50K, but I want to try writing all 50 chapters, so it may end up being more than 50K. WE WILL SEE.

Chapters so far (from my words):

1. Pepper
2. Pinkie
3. Dune
4. Mugget
5. Deltiology
6. Umbrella
7. The
8. Exsanguination (not yet written)
Tags: apartment, nanowrimo, shoes

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