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A Musical Halloween Gift For You!

You are lost. The road is dark, you're tired and almost out of gas. The only light seems to be coming from a creepy looking building at the end of the road.

Sighing at the cliche, but realizing you probably won't find another sign of life anytime soon, you pull into the dirt patch they're passing off as a parking lot. As you get out of your car, you realize the place is a bar.

You push the door open and a small bell tinkles. A man is playing a haunting tune on the piano, lit by a single bulb swaying slowly from the ceiling. A few road-weary patrons listen, sip their drinks, and make an occasional comment to their neighbor.

When the song ends, a woman, wearing a dress that may have once been alluring but is now somewhat shabby and drab, begins reciting an eerie sort of monologue.

"Care to pull up a seat, friend?" a guest near the spot you are standing asks, pulling a chair out for you. "It's the yearly variety show, it's something to see," he says, gesturing to the empty spot and pushing a pitcher of questionable looking liquid your way.

You know that watching a variety show in a seedy bar like this won't get you home any faster. But the place has got a disturbing allure that reminds you of the Hotel California. You accept the seat, pour yourself a glass, and settle in for the night...

My Halloween Mix! They are all .mp3s, let me know if you have any problems downloading it or anything. The awesome syntheticjesso let me use her website for it. I spent most of this and last month working on this, trying to get it "just right" and all that jazz. :) Enjoy, and HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!!!!

1. Bye - Elliot Smith
(This is the piano tune playing when you walk in...)

2. Kate Moss - Rasputina
(...and the eerie monologue.)

3. F.H.H. (Inst) - RJD2

4. We Suck Young Blood - Radiohead

5. Dr. Cat - Mary Timony

6. You Kiss Like You're Dead - Cex

7. Shaking Paper - Cat Power

8. 14 Horses - Mary Timony

9. Christian Soldiers - Rasputina

10. What's A Girl To Do - Bat For Lashes

11. Get Along With You - Kelis
(If you don't find this song particularly Halloweenish, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO.)

12. A Wolf At The Door - Radiohead

13. Bleeding Heart - Two Ton Boa
Tags: holidays, music

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