Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Life, life, life, life....OH YES AND CONCERT. HOORAY!!!

Man, today is one of those days where I'm thinking myself into a corner I can't really get out of. I want to babble on and on to anyone who will listen, but it won't really do any good, and I don't want to annoy anyone. I just have a head full of thoughts. I'm going in circles with the whole "I don't like when so and so does this, but then I am human and I mess up, I piss people off with 'X'? Can I improve on that? Is it worth trying?" Sometimes, being able to see both sides of every argument is a headache inducing curse.

IN OTHER NEWS: HANSON IS TOMORROW AND HOLY COW I'M EXCITED. I've got it all planned, at least, the driving down to Houston part. Who knows what the hell will happen once I get there. I've got my ticket all printed, directions to and from in my purse ready to get me there, come this afternoons I will have monies in my pocket and some cruisin' music in the cd player. AND THEN I HAVE TO CLEAN A YOGA STUDIO AND WISH I WERE SLEEPING SO THAT FRIDAY MORNING COULD COME FASTER. But that's okay.

This weekend will be BUSY!!! I've got Houston tomorrow, a voice lesson and Jessie's Halloween party Saturday, and the NaNo Kick-off party Sunday. It's all fun stuff, so I'm looking forward to it, but I know I'll be knackered on Monday. (Is that how you spell "knackered"? Firefox is telling me it's wrong, but Firefox isn't British, to my knowledge, so I don't know.)

THERE WAS SOMETHING ELSE I WANTED TO SAY. OH YES. So, I had a dream that RAZ told me I had to pick someone up from the airport? (Which I don't do, I sit in a desk all day, it's pretty straightforward.) And it caused me to miss the walk and the first part of the concert. MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS ALWAYS OUT TO GET ME WHEN I'M EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING. I used to have dreams that all Santa and the Easter Bunny brought me was toothpaste or something. These dreams tortured me all Christmas and Easter eves.

ANYWAY. THIS POST IS KIND OF INCOHERENT. I'M SORRY. I'm going back and forth between being excited about tomorrow and sad about today. LIFE, STOP BEING SO STUPID SOMETIMES.
Tags: blah, concert, dreams, emo, hanson, music, nerding, random

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