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Why Advertising Companies Want to Marry Me

GUYS IT IS MONOPOLY TIME AT MCDONALD'S!!! That means I'm taking a respite from my crappy normal attempts at not eating fast food, specifically McDonald's fast food, to order a large fry EVERY DAY in the hopes that this year, I will win some amazing prizes! This year, the prizes are ALL MONEY, and I am totally okay with that!

Usually I fail hardcore at collecting any full sets of properties, yet I still insist on buying game pieces every god damn day until the game ends. I remember when they first started doing this, and the game board you collected pieces on actually LOOKED like a Monopoly board? As in, square? With the properties running around the outside? We had one on our fridge and we'd stick our new pieces on as if they were holy or something. I loved the crap out of it.

TURNS OUT I STILL DO. As long as McDonald's keeps doing this whole Monopoly thing, I will continue to eat there at least once a year during Monopoly time. GOOD JOB, MCDONALDS, GOOD JOB AT MAKING ME EAT FOOD I KNOW BETTER THAN TO ACTUALLY CONSUME.

Alternate title to this post: Reasons I Fail At Life!
Tags: food, monopoly

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