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#85 - Go to a roller skating rink

Ha, it turns out I inadvertently did one of the Things off my List when I went skating last Friday! For the sake of having a "list-centric" linkable post, I'm just gonna copy what I wrote about it in the first place, so you can ignore this post for the most part.

I keep forgetting to post about my first big "Friday Adventure"! It wasn't too terribly exciting, but it was still something different and something I've never done. I went to the Arlington Skatium for the first time! It's the first time I've been to a skating rink in about seven years, and I was planning on going to Skate Town (which I'm not linking to because their website looks like it was built with Geocities in 1995), but I'd never BEEN to the Arlington Skatium, which I pass every day on my way to work and is actually a bit closer.

I think, from what I remember of it, I prefer Skate Town, but it was nice to get out and skate. I still remember how, it turns out! Actually, I'm more of a rollerblader than a skater, so I was rollerblading, not really skating. But skating is easier to type. I skated for almost two hours, longer than I expected to last, and have been ridiculously sore ever since! I really should have gone to yoga yesterday, or sometime over the weekend, but I didn't. My own fault, or I'd probably be less sore by now. But I'm going tonight!
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