Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I decided to give up on waiting for my old apartments to get back to me on the whole giving them money thing, and went to attempt to attain a new one from the place I'm interested in. They said there is an apartment available to move into on October 20th! That is a mere TEN DAYS. I said, "YES PLZ" and took an application, which I'm taking back up on Friday, all filled out and shit.

IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLY AWESOME IF I COULD HAVE AN APARTMENT ON THE 20TH. That means I could live on my own and chill out for six days before my Houston trek, and for eleven days before Halloween! HOORAY. HOORAY FOR LIFE.

I'm hoping like crazy that nothing stupid comes up to screw it up. I'm sure posting about it will probably be enough to do that, but send me good mojo thoughts, guys, because I want a friggen' place.

In other news, I think a hole in my ear that I haven't had earrings in for, like, seven years? Is infected. GROSS?
Tags: afflictions, apartment

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