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The Mix CD I made! It is on Sendspace!

So I took the mix cd I put together and figured out how to work sendspace! Please tell me if it doesn't work.

Here is the link to download the "album":
NOTE: A bunch of these files are .wma, so if you can't play those, don't download it! (Thanks opaleyes for pointing that out!) I'll work on re-ripping them to .mp3 this weekend and reposting. :)

And here is the album art:

You can click on it to see it bigger!

Once again, the album art is from a t-shirt made by Mr. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics fame! I did the song titles and such in PAINT, because I don't know how to use PhotoShop. What I'm saying here is I am lame.

The music is all my favorite songs by chicks or chick-lead bands!

If you are interested, here is more information on the songs and why I picked them!

1. He War - Cat Power
This song was actually on a mix I discovered on my computer. I have no idea who I got it from, if it has a theme, or what. There were lotsa good songs on the mix? But this one was my favorite, and it started my love affair with Cat Power. I went out and bought one of her cds just from hearing this one song, and it wasn't even the album with this song on it because they didn't have it. Later I got the album it's actually on, "You Are Free".

2. Blood Tree - Mary Timony
I really like the line "You showed me pictures of your ex-girlfriend on the beach without her shirt on, and it made me sick, but I didn't tell you it did." I'm not sure why, I just do. Probably because it's not a very song-lyricy lyric, but it works in the song! BTW, Mary Timony is ALL AARON'S FAULT. He burned me this album and it's become one of my favorites of all time. (Album - "The Golden Dove")

3. Daylight Robbery - Imogen Heap
Um, it's Imogen Heap. DUH. One of the only artists I feel I "found" of my own accord, Zoe Keating was opening for her, and I went to see Zoe and ended up staying for Imogen. And stealing the album from Aaron, because he actually had money that night. (Album - "Speak for Yourself")

4. Sophia - Bif Naked
This song is about LESBIANS!! The first of two bands on this mix I found thanks to the Buffy soundtrack (the other is Rasputina), but have become such favorites of mine that I often forget that. This song is off her album "I, Bificus" and it's easily my favorite. It rhymes "giggling" with "wiggling", and they both have three syllables somehow! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE.

5. Sorrow - Flyleaf
Flyleaf! They is a local band! Dallas local bands = fun to support. I met them at a mall signing and they were UNSPEAKABLY NICE. Fame has not ruined them yet! I hope it never does. I actually heard this song in demo form before I bought the album, and I kind of like the demo better, but the album version is more polished. (Album - "Flyleaf")

6. Jacky Cane - Hooverphonic
I found Hooverphonic because their song "Renaissance Affair" was on a commercial for the special "vapor" color for the new Beetle. I scoured the internet looking for the song, and now I own three Hooverphonic albums. This song simply kicks a lot of ass, and there's not much more I can say about it. (Album - "The Magnificent Tree")

7. Baby Blue - Emiliana Torrini
Emiliana Torrini sounds like Bjork! If you like Bjork, you'll probably like Emiliana Torrini! Drew introduced me to her, and when my iPod died, he had to give me the mp3s again. This song is preeeeety. (Album - "Love in the Time of Science")

8. Girl Lunar Explorer - Melora Creager
I like this song probably way more than I should. It's the first off of Melora's solo attempt (she is the founder and lead-whatever of Rasputina), and it's easily my favorite from the album. It's incredibly simple, musically, but VERY VERY GOOD. (This is why I'm not a music critic for a living.) (Album - "Perplexions")

9. Does He Love You? - Rilo Kiley
I loved this song the first time I heard it, which was on the Adventure Club (a radio show on Sundays of underground music, the host is a dude named Josh who basically takes his cd collection and plays stuff you don't normally hear on the air). I was working at Subway that day, I had the radio on, and I was working on the schedule, or some type of paperwork. Normally, I don't like the Adventure Club, but this song played and even though I couldn't hear it very well and even though I missed the middle thanks to a customer or something, I LOVED IT. It's bizarrely beautiful to hear a song of heartbreak from the "other woman". I immediately stole the album from Aaron when I found out he had it. (Album - "More Adventurous")

10. I Died - Bif Naked
More Bif Naked. I saw her in concert for the first time a year or so ago, a big deal considering my fandom spans about five or six years. I don't think I've ever fangirled more hard in my life, and I got my fangirl all over her, but she was very patient with me. I didn't expect myself to do that at all, it just sort of came out, and I realized that I was standing there, holding Bif Naked's hand, rambling like an idiot while a bunch of people were lined up behind me also wanting their shit signed. Jacob had to tell me to calm down. (Also from "I, Bificus")

11. Oh, Injury - Rasputina
12. Oh, Injury Reprise - Rasputina
In real life, "Oh, Injury" is on the actual album ("Frustration Plantation"), and the Reprise is on a bonus disc. I wasn't terribly fond of the song until I heard the reprise and decided I LOVED the song. I've always wanted to stick them right next to each other to see what happens, so you get to hear me indulging in that. It counts as one song.

13. The White Room - Mary Timony
My favorite thing about Mary Timony is how she sounds like she's singing her way through a bizarre haunted/abandoned house or something. I love this album so much that I'm afraid to listen to any of her other stuff, for fear of marring it if it's not as good. Kind of like I won't watch the second Unico because the first one is such a huge part of my childhood that I dare not mess with it. (Also from "The Golden Dove")

14. Speak For Me - Cat Power
The mix I found "He War" on had another song from the same album, "Names". I think this song is a lot better than "Names", so I'm putting it on THIS mix. EAT THAT, MYSTERY MIX-MAKER. (Also from "You Are Free")

15. Sweet Water Kill - Rasputina
Another Raspy song to show that they can do stuff with computers, too! This is off the album "Cabin Fever", which didn't have as much computer manipulation as the prior "How We Quit The Forest", but substantially more than the subsequent "Frustration Plantation!" And now you know!

16. Sunshowers - M.I.A.
Got M.I.A. from Drew, too. This isn't my FAVORITE favorite song from the album ("Arular"), but it is one that pretty much everyone likes. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. The best line, in case you were wondering, is: "He got Colgate on his teeth and Reebok Classics on his feet." (And in case you were also wondering, my favorite song off the album is "Hombre".)

17. Virgin State of Mind - K's Choice
I lied! There are three Buffy soundtrack artists on this mix! But this is the song that's actually on the soundtrack. I decided to add it because even though I don't know much about K's Choice beyond this song and "Not An Addict", I've always intended to buy one of their albums and, upon searching, this song is not on any of their studio releases! So, if you're a K's Choice fan, but you don't have the Buffy soundtrack, this is my gift to you: A completely amazing, wonderful song.

18. Ironspy - Splashdown
Splashdown is from Anne (aka spinooti). This is probably THE BEST Splashdown song, but their other stuff is really good, too, so don't give up on them if you hear this and say, "Well, I guess it doesn't get any better, so what's the point?" This song caused me and Anne a lot of distress when she still lived down here, because we'd listen to it and be filled with the intense desire to CREATE something, something AMAZING. For an example, see this post from '05 and the comments! (Album - "Redshift")

19. Vinegar and Salt - Hooverphonic
But sometimes? It's better to lie. Holy crap, I love this song. (From "The Magnificent Tree")

20. So I Thought - Flyleaf
DID I MENTION THESE GUYS ARE DALLAS LOCAL? YAAAAY DALLAS LOCAL! Are they popular where you are? Their biggest his is a song called "I'm So Sick". Anyway, this is the last song on their self-titled, and it's an amazing song and also very fitting for a "last song". So it is now the last song on this mix! Enjoy!

ALSO ALSO ALSO: I'd be interested to know what you think of the mix, because I am like that!
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