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Frustrated! I'm trying to get in touch with the manager at the old apartments because I FINALLY have enough money to try paying them off. I called yesterday at five when I left work (she was not in). I called this morning on my 10:15 break (she was not in yet, but had been told that I'd be calling). I called on my lunch break (she was not in, she'd been in an accident, but she would be in around 2. They took my number and told her I'd been calling.). I called just now on my 3:15 break (she was not in, she's out on the property. She'll be back in about fifteen to twenty minutes, or, when my break is over.). I REALLY want to go up there today to try and pay it off, but I can't go up there unless I know she will be there to meet me, or let someone know what's going on. She leaves at 5, I'm going to be working until 5:30 since I came in late. At this point, there are only five days left in September, I'd be REALLY surprised if I could get the apartment at the other place by October 6th. But I'd feel better just knowing that I HAVE a move-in date, even if it's not until the beginning of November (even though I would LOVE to have my own place by Halloween). It's just getting grating not having a home. I can deal with it, but I don't like being a burden on my friends and I don't like not having anywhere to set up my computer, not having anywhere to empty out the crap in my car if I wanted to, having creepy spiders crawling around in my shit up at the storage shed.

But also, I don't like this limbo of having money to pay off a debt, but not knowing if it will be accepted. I'm going to try offering $200 less than the owed amount, but in cash, to see if I can save a little bit. I can afford to go up about $150 more than my initial offer, but that's still not the full amount. If they don't accept my offer, it will take another two weeks before I'll have enough to pay them off. But my schedule interferes so badly with when they're available, I hope it's not like pulling teeth to get it done. I should just resign myself to not having a place until November, even though I'd really like it to be otherwise. Grrrr.
Tags: apartment, bitching, money

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