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Firefly musings


Firefly is over, and as I predicted, it exceeded my reasonably low expectations.

It started just like any sci-fi space show, which sort of upset me, and the theme song is pure crap, which also upset me. But after that, it was good Joss writing.

There were defenite Joss jokes, and the show forced laughter out of me at least three times.

There's a crazy girl, which is great, I love Joss's looneys.

There's a whore. Apparently, whoring is respectable in the future, and they're referred to as "companions". Go figure.

Also, the guy from "28 Days" who talks about the forks is in it, and I didn't know that, so the show gets some more brownie points.

As far as story goes, the reason I really adore Joss Whedon's writing is because of the way he weaves storylines in and out of each other over many seasons. There's only so much he can do with one episode of a show under his belt, but I can say this much, I'm already interested to find out what happens next week.

Thanks, Joss, for letting Firefly not suck.
Tags: firefly, joss whedon

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