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This completely un-original, plagaristastc post brought to you by me! WITH LOVE.

So, here's the thing, guys: This is pretty much the most hilarious thing I've read since...erm...yesterday's Dinosaur Comics. It is Mr. Calamity Jon, aka calamityjon, trying to come up with a name for a comics thing with amusing rhymes. But I don't trust you to click and enjoy the humor, so I am going to RE-POST IT, because it made me laugh so hard I had to hold my nose and choke on giggles since Jesso was asleep in the other same room:

"While brainstorming potential new titles for the "Collaborative Comics" Project (since, again, it's not really a collaboration as much as it is disparate creators working on their own over a common theme), I thought I could perhaps come up with a comics- and cartooning-related pun on "Stop, Collaborate and Listen." According to this rhyming dictionary, here are some of the better 'rhymes' for the above, ranked in order of delightfulness and somewhat alphabetically:

Stop, Collaborate and Bison
Stop, Collaborate and Bludgeon
Stop, Collaborate and Deafen
Stop, Collaborate and Chasten
Stop, Collaborate, Tim Burton
Stop, Collaborate and Gibbon
Stop, Collaborate, a Kitten
Stop, Collaborate and Moisten
Stop, Collaborate with Stalin
Stop, Collaborate a Smidgeon
Stop, Collaborate, you Whoreson
Stop, Collaborate, me Tarzan
Stop, Collaborate and Worsen
Stop, Collaborate for Zion

Oh heavens. Also, in other news, I still can't think of a good name for this stupid project ..."

And now, a poll!

Would you have actually clicked the link if I hadn't just re-posted?

Yes, way to not trust me, GEEZ.
No, and I would have SORELY MISSED OUT.
No, and I wouldn't have been missing much.
It depends on how much spare time I had and how interested I was.
Tags: funny, livejournal, poll

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