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investment bankers won't talk to me anymore.

This is great because right before my break I was trying to decide if I should invest any money anywhere. THANK YOU T-REX.

Lj history:
September 17th:
Is The N still good anymore? Probably not, if there's no Pete and Pete.
LIZZIE MCGUIRE OR PENGUINS?? Clearly this is a tough decision only to me.
I wish I had followed through with this experiment!

I hate reading government texts, that's all!

September 18th:
I was very mad!

This is an angry sort of day for me, I guess!

September 19th:
Sometimes I post about my family!
I think my mom is a better small child than my little sister was.
I didn't like Survivor? I still don't.

A good day! You can't buy my zines online anymore because the distro no longer exists!

Ever wondered what my family looks like?

Hahaha, SYSTEMATIC FAILING. I love it.
Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate day, DID YOU CELEBRATE? Also, I love that I already had a "pirates" tag.

September 20th:
Nobody answered, therefore nobody cares about noxious soda gases.
Two hours before the first episode of Firefly. THIS IS POSTING HISTORY, FRIENDS.
Hahahaha, oh man, my initial review of "The Train Job", which, as we all know, is not actually the pilot episode. I no longer think the theme song is crap. It did take me a while to jump on the Firefly bandwagon, though. (Like, after "Serenity" came out.)

I am smrt! Plus some Glenn Beck.
Tags: dinosaur comics, money

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