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Okay, once upon a time I told Spinooti I'd update my livejournal. SHE TOOK ME SERIOUSLY!!! Silly her. She's not online now, and neither is anyone else I'd like to talk to online. I'm grounded and I can't see my man tomorrow. THIS SUCKS. I really like my man. He's a cool dude. Today, we went shopping in Dallas for stuff for homecoming mums. For those of you who live in places other than Texas, (and if you do and you're reading my livejournal, COOL) that is basically this: A big ass piece of cardboard to which tons of fake mums are attatched, followed by ribbons in your school colors that hang down to your feet, and then to which trinkets are attatched. For guys, they're much smaller and go on the arm. And are called garters. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I think it's sick and I call them guy mums. Look, pictures of these godawful, but loveable, things. Anyway, mine this year should be really cool and have lights all over it. Drew's (my man) is going to be very sarcastic and weird, because he helped me pick out the stuff, and it's going to be like a rabbit holding a mum (as opposed to a bear embedded in a mum, which is the generic plan) with various "I hate football" trinkets attatched. It should be interesting. YES! Anyway, the end!
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