Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

I've spent the past week or so putting together a delightful mix cd of some of my favorite artists that are either female solo artists or bands with a female lead singer. In a fit of inspiration yesterday, I came up with the title of the "album":

"Return to the Moon and Don't Forget the Chicks This Time: A Rock Opera in Twenty Parts by Sexy Awesome Laydees". The album art features the shirt by the same name by Mr. Ryan North, because I'm not a very talented artist, and the shirt is pretty! And aptly titled for a mix cd dealing with chicks!

What I'm saying here is I have free cds for whoever wants 'em. Want one? THEY ARE SEXY.

(Nikki, you are getting one for your BIRTHDAY, so there.)
Tags: dinosaur comics, music

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