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Dear Chewbob: What the hell were you posting about yesterday? Love, everyone.

Okay, so maybe you aren't that interested in my post yesterday, but basically, ever since the end of 2005, I've been keeping track of what's popular on the radio and making mix cds of them as a sort of "music journal". Why, it's almost as if there was some big, life-altering event that happened at the end of 2005! That's not why I started keeping these, but they have sort of played out as a "my life since..." sort of thing for me. It's crazy how many of the songs from those cds that were played endlessly at the time aren't played at all anymore!

Anyway, mostly I was stressing because there were at least two cds I couldn't find, and I was trying to remember what was on them. I found the mp3s for them, I think I got them all, but I have a gnawing feeling that there's still one floating out there I can't find and forgot everything off of. It's unlikely I'd forget EVERY song I put on one of these, but still, I thought I made more than two last year. It's possible that I made some smaller mixes, or threw one or two songs from the radio onto a mix of something completely different. I thought I had "Ghost of You" on one of them, but now I remember that I had it at the end of a copy of Toxicity and some Flyleaf Demos.

So I spent pretty much all of yesterday perseverating over how I didn't have the cds and what would I do if I couldn't remember such-and-such a song, I even e-mailed the DJs at the Edge and said, "I can't remember X song, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT?" They didn't, and didn't reply, but I figured one of them out and e-mailed them back, and he replied with, "Ah, yes." VERY EXCITING SHIT. I then spent the evening hours poring over the files on Jessie's computer until I finally found what I'm 99% sure is all of them.

Hopefully today will be more mentally productive, because I was stressing the hell out about this yesterday, obviously!
Tags: music, radio

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