Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

So I blocked the sweater I'm making for Megan this past weekend. I have never blocked ANYTHING in my entire knitting/crocheting career, even though I've heard from pretty much everyone ever that blocking = ZOMG NECESSARY. I've always looked at it more like this: Blocking = ZOMG TOO MUCH WORK/WASTE OF TIME/POINTLESS.

But this sucker was curling WAAAAAAAAAAY too much. So I broke out some pieces of cardboard which Megan was kind enough to prepare for me, wetted the pieces down, and pinned away.

This is my review of my first ever blocking experience: is the most amazing thing on the whole entire planet, short of eating. The pieces, when blocked, looked like they actually BELONGED on a sweater. They looked...machine made, or something, even, clean, NON-CURLY, and good! Plus there was some bizarre satisfaction in taking all the things I'd just knit and soaking them in water.

I suddenly felt the urge to block everything I'd ever made. I didn't? But I wanted to, and that's the amazing thing I've learned about myself.

I am now pro-blocking things.
Tags: crafts, knitting

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