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Pre-NaNo Catharsis Novel '07

Ok, so I'm going to start the tentatively named "Pre-NaNo Catharsis Novel '07" project on Monday, that would be September 10th. I'm giving myself until the end of September to finish it (IE: Sunday, September 30th). It would be REALLY COOL if you guys could come up with something crafty or doable to do with me, so that I feel like I'm in a team, a team of people who are working for the greater good of finishing things they start!

You've got 21 days to do something neat. I encourage you to join the community craft_olympics, because then we can all post there and feel like we're being productive! Post what you're going to do, then, once we start, post your progress! It'll be cool and fun and probably help me finish.

WHAT I'M SAYING HERE GUYS IS PLEASE JOIN ME SO THAT I MAY ACTUALLY FINISH THIS. I really WANT to finish. Nikki, you could Weasley sweater it up! Or maybe just have the goal of finishing everything but the sleeves? Jesso, you could...cook something! Some crazy cooking project! Megan, you could try not to kill people over your props! Jeffrey, you could write six words! COME ON GUYS IT'LL BE GREAT.

I'm posting there to officially get a thang started. Come have a blast. By the way, it's the craft_olympics, in case you weren't sure. It's not really the Olympics right now, but that's okay because it's the craft_olympics.
Tags: crafts, writing

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