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An update to the list!

So I changed #94 on my list, which was previously "Don't do swim team summer of '08". I think now that I probably won't do swim team next year, but not for the reasons I originally put that item on the list, and it never really sat well with me having a negative item on the list.

So the NEW item #94 is: "Collect the Buffy Soundtrack albums."

The Buffy Soundtrack (the first one) is one of my favorite albums of all time. Not just favorite soundtrack, favorite ALBUMS. I like every dang song on that album. If it weren't for this soundtrack, I'd never know who Rasputina was, and I'd probably never have bothered looking too far into Bif Naked.

Basically, I'd like to own an album by each artist featured on the soundtrack, preferably the one with the song from the soundtrack on it. It seems an easy enough feat, especially since I already have three of them (Garbage's "Version 2.0"*, Bif Naked's "I Bificus", and Rasputina's "Thanks for the Ether"). But a really good chunk of the bands on the soundtrack are small, independent bands that weren't around for very long. One of them, Kim Ferron, never actually released her album. Some of their albums only got released in other countries. Some had very small print runs and then went under.

It works for the soundtrack as a whole because the goal they had when making it was to put artists that weren't big name on there, so that it would seem like the type of bands that would actually play at a venue like The Bronze, the heppest club in a small California city. However, it makes for a problem when one tries to physically manifest their obsession with the album.

I tried looking up the various albums from the bands a long time ago, maybe a year or so after I'd first bought the album. I just did it again, after owning the album for a good eight years now and it's REALLY HARD. I'm determined, though, to have SOMETHING on all of these bands. It could take me a good while to do.

Hence, it's new placement on The List!

Tags: 101 things, buffy, music

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