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Megan and I went on an adventure to Dairy Queen! The only one either of us knew of is the one in Downtown Ft. Worth, about a thirty minute drive away. But good times and delicious Blizzards were had by all.

I'm at my mom's house tonight, with nothing but the internet to keep me company in the wee hours of morning. I kind of want to stay up late sorting for H_E, which I very well might do. But I also don't want to sleep all through tomorrow. I'll probably get up earlyish, which will make me tired earlier tomorrow night, so that I can still wake up early to go do my overtime. Because we're in OVERTIME NOW, BABY!!!

I wish I had anything more interesting to report, but the most interesting thing is still the apartment payoff/search...less than two months and I should be moved into a new place, I'd say. Exciting! Maybe I could even be in before Halloween. That would be GREAT. I'd really like to be Tia Dalma for Halloween, but I'm not sure how I'd pull it off. I could probably make most of the costume, but it would be time consuming...I'd have to start now-ish.

Off-topic: Nikki, I love you. Everything will be okay. *BIG HUGS*

LJ History Dump:

August 28th
Pepsi Blue tastes like Crystal Pepsi, which means I like it, which means it's sure to be discontinued! A PROPHETIC ENTRY.

August 29th
I have no idea where I was when I made this post. Probably Jim and Jessie's.

Yay for the campus library!

August 30th
An iPod meme, I love iPod memes.
Oh, H_E, I can never stay away for long!
GROW Christmas!

August 31st
More GROW!
Rejoined H_E!

September 1st
I still need to put this son of a bitch on Lulu.

September 2nd
I still feel this way! Don't ask me about my major!

WPDR icon!

September 3rd
I really, really, really regret not going to this concert. Trees no longer exists for Hanson to play at anymore.

I was made manager at Subway! I only make slightly more than this now, but I've got an hourly wage so I can make the MAD OVERTIME MONIES and it is VASTLY less responsibility!

Tags: apartment, couch hopping, holidays, internet, moving, work

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