Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Ok, guys, if I die suddenly and unexpectedly (not that I'm planning on it), I don't want a funeral in a church. I don't want a priest or religious figure presiding. If music is sung or played, it needs to be stuff from my cd collection, or stuff you guys know I liked. I don't want a eulogy, I want my friends and family to sit around and tell stories or something. I want pizza served for lunch. And I don't want anyone to lie about me just because I'm dead, I want everyone to be honest. If someone has a story about how I was a bitch one time, share it. Whatever.

I'm posting this so it's here, morbid or not, because I guess Nicole's funeral scared me, I don't want all that fake-y bullcrap when I die.
Tags: death

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