Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Pink again!

Re-pinked my hair. This time I did my whole head, and I used Cupcake Pink on top and Atomic Pink on the bottom. I'm kind of iffy about how it turned out, but it seems every time I dye my hair, I'm depressed about it for the first day, then I get over it and start liking it. I seriously blame this on all the chemicals in the bleach, rubbing them into my scalp (one of those big, porous areas that toxins escape/get in through).

Cupcake Pink, it turns out, is not so much "cupcake-y" as "highlighter-y". I'm hoping it's a dye that will fade with washes, and the Atomic Pink will stay bold (I know it will because it did last time, the crap NEVER FADES), because I think that would be prettier. If I do my whole head again (I was kind of starting to like the whole half-bleached, half-wash out pink thing), I'll do it all with Atomic. The stuff is bright, but it's also got a LOT better coverage than the Cupcake, in my opinion it's a prettier color, and it never ever ever fades. And when it's bleached, it's EXACTLY the shade of pink I LOVE. Also, Cupcake Pink dye smells like burnt rubber for some reason. (Atomic Pink smells like nothing.)

I lost my keys at Wal*Mart yesterday buying the bleach! It was weird and exciting, because usually, I lock my keys in the car. This time, when I was getting out of the car, I made a point of acknowledging that I had a hold of my keys and would NOT lock them in the car, only to turn around and leave them somewhere in the store. The GIGANTIC store. I seriously do not remember setting them down at all.

I had to call Jessie and Fraher to come give me my spares, and of course five minutes after they got there, Wal*Mart called me and said someone had turned in my keys. *headdesk* But at least I got my keys back, and I got to be a huge inconvenience to my best friends, whom I already feel like I've been treating like crap recently!

God damn mother-fucking bleach. I hate feeling down and I know it's that stuff's fault and I still feel down even though I know why I'm feeling down. YOGA YOGA YOGA I'll feel better tomorrow.
Tags: hair, whining

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