Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

My internet connection is working! For how long, I'll never know. It's been on the fritz. It didn't work AT ALL yesterday.

My mom decided to try and help Reagan play, because whenever Reagan plays dolls with other kids, she's controlling and obsessive. So my mom decided to play Tigger.

Here's the conversation:

MOM: "Hi, what grade can I be in at school?"
REAGAN: "Well, young man...."
MOM: "I'm a tigger!"
REAGAN: "Hehe, ok, well, you can be in my class."
MOM: "I think I should be in kindergarten. Can I bounce in kindergarten?"
REAGAN: " Um, well, it's, Mrs. Jewels is the teacher."
MOM: "But can I bounce??"
REAGAN: "Um, well, only at recess."

I think it's going well.
Tags: family, funny, mom, reagan

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