Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

Well, tomorrow I am off to Frisco for State Meet, and will have no internet access for four days! I will be too busy to play with lj anyway, so I'm going to update my "In My LJ History" thing that I've been neglecting for the sake of Harry Potter. I was too busy to do that today, so it will have to wait until Monday. SHEESH.

ALSO: VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! I have coerced opaleyes into joining me in 2008 for Portus, a Harry Potter symposium in DALLAS. I am very very very excited, both to go to my first convention ever and of course to MEET NIKKI LIVE AND IN PERSON. So far, she could still be a very elaborate robot, I have no way of proving otherwise.

If you have it in your heart to plan ahead for next July, and you love our HP, and you want to express that love in the nerdiest fashion ever, you should think about joining us! DO EEEEEEEET. 4 SERIOUS.

I am requesting that everyone send kick-booty vibes to my swimmers this weekend! They are awesome and adorable and we are all super pumped about this swim meet! HOORAY!!!
Tags: harry potter, swim team

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