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Lots to post, but only fifteen minutes...

Eh, I'll probably go over.

Hey, everybody, it's time to play everyone's favorite game, "What Exciting Affliction Has Jessica Developed This Time?"

So about a week ago I discovered some exciting, suspicious bumps in that area? Well, I went to the lady doctor yesterday expecting her to be all, "You need to get tested and that involves SCARY TERRIFYING NEEDLES," which I was panicking only slightly about but only because the rest of me was flat out refusing to even think about it. But it turns out that they could determine, just by looking, that I've got DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS WARTS. MMMMMMMMMMMM.

So she goes, "Luckily, they are easy to treat!"

And I am thinking, "Does this treatment involve NEEDLES???"

Turns out that no, it doesn't, but what it DOES involve is burning the motherfuckers off with a super-fun chemical. AND, AND AND AND AND, I get to go back every week and do the fun burning thing again until they are all gone! So essentially, I'm walking around with a minor burn in my "special place" and it's the most fun thing ever. And I'm not lying, you should try it.

The sad thing is, the entire time they were applying the medication and that burning sensation kept growing stronger and stronger, all I could think was, "Hooray! No needles! Best day ever!"

But all of this was totally, totally made up for by ORDER OF THE PHOENIX!!! I got to see it at the Omni Theater in the Museum of Science and History. I didn't realize until last night that I hadn't been to a movie there in eleven years, so it was very exciting. I was only slightly upset that they didn't play the traditional helicopter short at the beginning (which, OMG, has its own Wikipedia page!) But once the movie started, that was just a minor detail.

In my opinion, this one is the best movie adaptation so far. It stayed truest to the book, it actually CAPTURED the sense of urgency, the kid's emotions, the secrecy of the Order, all that good stuff, rather than just dance around it. Yeah, they left a lot out (*cough*DOBBY*cough) but the book is six billion pages long, and for the stuff the left in, they nailed it. Luna was PERFECT, and while I still feel that this lady would have been the best Umbridge EVIR, the lady they got captured her character wonderfully.

Plus, this movie actually made me believe the Ron/Hermione thing, and might maybe throw me into that camp. MAYBE.

In short, I'm seeing it again tonight.

And apparently this is the first time I've ever posted on July 11th!
Tags: afflictions, harry potter, movies, nostalgia

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