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Brave Little Toaster!

Did you dudes watch this movie?

Turns out it's just as good now as it was when we were teeny kiddos! Which, you know, depends on what you thought of it as a kid, I guess, but me, I loved it.

I actually laughed out loud (I LOL'ED????) at several points on the movie (which I re-watched with auracel last night), most notably, when they're trying to convince the vacuum to come with them on their trek across the city:

Toaster: We need someone to come along who's really...strong!

Lamp: And loud.

Blanket: And grumpy!

Radio: And oblivious to reality!

And this convinces the vacuum to go! Plus, the scary, creepy bits were just as scary and creepy (if not moreso) as I remember them. I have no idea why I had such a yen for scary, creepy things as a kid, but clearly I did. I watch lots of my childhood favorite movies, and most of them make me go, "Yeesh, how could I WATCH that as a small child?"

Today in my lj history:
Someone bought me my first chunk o' paid time evir! I still don't know who it was, although I'm pretty sure it was someone from H_E.
My first poll EVIR!!

Holy cow, I need to see this movie again. This remains the only time I've ever seen it! IT BEING NACHO LIBRE.
Tags: movies, nostalgia

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