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It only took me twelve billion years to jump on the mobius scarf bandwagon, mostly because it looked like it would be lots of fun to knit, but as soon as I was done it would drive me batty because I couldn't get the twist out. But I started one last night, and let me just say that the beginning stages cause much cramping of the hands! Ow. But I'm finally using the pretty yarn syntheticjesso, aka Jesso got me for my birthday (or was it Christmas?) a billion years ago! Hooray for that!

Megan, I'm staying with you tonight, yes? JESSO I'M SUPPOSED TO GET HER KEY FROM YOU. I will forget to ask when I see you, so can you remember and give it to me when you see me? Maybe I'll remember now that I've typed it. We'll see. It will be a MYSTERY.

Went to karaoke with Mr. jslorentz on Saturday night, at the bar where his momma used to work. I forgot how much I enjoy hanging out around adorable, old red-necky types. This is probably because I never do it. Oddly enough, it put ideas for a story in my head, which means that if I don't write anything on it ASAP, it will be lost into the ether of time and space, what I'm saying is, Jesso, may I borrow your Alphasmart for a little while?


...I've got four months, then. But it's another "thing" on my list! That means I'd have to save about $65 bucks a month...$16.25 a week. Doable? Maybe? I can do that. Will I have the Alphasmart in time for NaNo if I do it that way? I'll have to fiddle with this some more...I will be getting crazy extra cash from state meet at the end of the month...I bet I can do it. I BET I CAN.

Sorry if you actually read my internal budgeting babble. This is what goes through my head for EVERY PURCHASE I MAKE. Now you know!

Today in my lj history:
Lots of random thoughts, the central theme of which seems to be Harry Potter. Also an amusing story about my mom's first triathlon!
Tags: couch hopping, friends, knitting, money, nanowrimo, rambling, writing

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