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I really want to start keeping track of overall posts per day OVER HISTORY. IE: On this day, July 6th, I've made a grand total of TWO posts ever, and that's including this one! This would be interesting because it would help me see my postiest days. Which is only interesting as a point of curiosity, as the amount I post has more to do with the amount of internet access I have and less the amount I actually have to say. So it would be like charting my internet usage THROUGH TIME!!!

Today was a FOOD DAY at work which means I have three plates of food staring up at me going, "MMMM WE ARE DELICIOUS EAT US PLEASE" which would be disturbing except, you know, it's food. I'd totally take it up on its offer except I am SO SO SO SO STUFFED.

Swim team will be over at the end of the month! I am excited because that means I can start actually paying attention to other people again! Maybe even go to yoga every once in a while? That'd be cool. Instead of watching weeks go by and then cleaning the studio and sighing, "Wouldn't it be nice to take class?" And having the feeling that the teachers think you're just not very dedicated or something (which they probably don't, I'm just paranoid), and constantly feeling like I'm making excuses for everything by saying I don't have time to do it when the truth is I REALLY don't have time to do it. THAT WOULD BE NEAT. I love you, swim team, but you sap my summers away year after year! BUT MY KIDS. THEY ARE MADE OF AWESOME. (And probably ice cream. Don't ask me how.)

But mostly, FREE TIME. I miss you a lot.

Today in my lj history!
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