Your Face (kandigurl) wrote,
Your Face

A meme idea I came up with that I want everyone to steal!

I will post this idea all "meme style", with a list of rules and crap to be dutifully copied and pasted into your el jay. Then I'll say stuff about it!

Here goes:

1. Post your entire iPod library behind a cut.
2. Ask everyone on your friends list to look them over and come up with an (up to) 20 song playlist. Playlists should be songs your friends actually know, not just songs picked randomly from the list.
3. If they choose, friends may explain their song choices, or if their playlist has any sort of theme.
4. Put the playlist into your iPod under your friend's name.

I think this would be SUPAR AWESOME, and of course, it can be changed in any way. But it would be cool because I have a lot of stuff on my iPod that even I don't know much about, and it would be interesting to see what different types of playlists my friends could come up with. I'd probably learn stuff about my own iPod! Plus, then you have a little piece of your friends' personalities on you at all times.

I'm pretty sure to get your library postable, there's a way you can import it to Excel...I'm pretty sure syntheticjesso did that once.

I'm not going to do this yet since I'm still filling my iPod back up with music that was lost, but once I do, I will totally do this. In the mean time, YOU GUYS DO IT SO I CAN MAKE PLAYLISTS FOR YOUR IPOD!!! :) :) :)

In other news, my roommates have thrown together a band and they are really excited about it. At first I was going to sing for them, but they are really into the idea of making something out of this band, and I don't have the motivation they need, so I bowed out. Still, what they've come up with so far is pretty good, and they have a page on THAT WEBSITE, so if you are cool want to help out, swing this way and give them a few plays. IT WOULD BE NICE OF YOU AND HELP ME CLEAR MY CONSCIENCE. (It's okay, they found a new vocalist that is really cool and I think will be better for them anyway.)

Today in my lj history!
A story I started writing but never went anywhere with. I still like the idea, though.

A totally awesome trip to Six Flags!
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