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This is why I'm not a professional movie critic, guys.

So I saw Ratatouille this weekend and here is my review: A PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS!!!!

I didn't realize it was Brad Bird until the end, but that totally, totally explains it. For those of you lame asses who don't know anything, Brad Bird is the genius behind "The Incredibles" and "The Iron Giant". If you liked those movies, YOU WILL TOTALLY LIKE RATATOUILLE. From start to finish it was nothing but awesome, adorable fun. THE KID. THE KID IS HILARIOUS. Go see it. It looks silly but it is GOOD. It's just a GOOD GOOD GOOD MOVIE, you guys. It made me happy in my heart.

Past couple of days in my lj history!
July 1st
A pointless post!

This did not actually come to pass, but it's still kind of amusing. Plus, hey, link still works!

June 30th
A post about an injured bird.

PS: The new Rasputina album IS SOOO GOOOD.
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