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Today my mama is being super sweet and helping Henry coach so that I can go to YOGA. HOORAY!!! I am very excited. I haven't been to class in something like a month or more? But I've still been cleaning the studio. The teachers are all being very nice about it, hoping I get better and asking when I'll be back to class, but right now I can only feasibly go to 6 AM classes and not with the way I've been sleeping, says I. But yesterday, I was thinking about today and going, "WAUGH, I don't want to go clean if I can't even take class! WANNA TAKE CLASS WANT WANT WANT."

So mom is being a SWEETIE MCSWEETHEARTERSON and coaching in my stead today.

I am so lax about my position as coach this year. I can't wait for swim team to be over. I will miss the kiddos terribly, but mostly, when I'm at practice, I'd rather just hang out with them and goof off than coach them to swim. SERIOUSLY. I am excited about state meet because that's about all I'll be doing, and cheering for them to swim, and it'll be great. Very little actual coaching.

And it's been so rainy! And some of the parents KEEP BRINGING THEIR KIDS and are all, "Yes, make them swim!" And I'm like, "No, wouldn't you rather home and take naps?"

I'm sure this week has a lot to do with working market and not really having a day off for the past eleven days, I've reached a state of "I DON'T CARE. NAPS PLZ."

AND I just found out that Henry might not even be at City meet! You have to understand that he is NEVER at City, even when he was a swimmer, he would be too tired or be out of town or something. But THIS YEAR HE IZ COACH!!! I don't wanna do city by myself. *whine whine whine*

Today in my lj history!
I totally want to knit with Hermione.
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