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Once again my impatience lands me with the incorrect edition of a new album! I ran out and took my entire lunch break today to purchase the only copy of Rasputina's new album that CD Warehouse had, before reading that you can still buy the deluxe edition with a bonus cd. ASLKDJFLDKJFD WANT WANT WANT BONUS CD. But I reeeeeeeally don't want to order it online or anything, because shipping charges = yuck.

THE OBNOXIOUS THING IS, it's showing up in media player as "limited edition"! WHY IS MEDIA PLAYER TAUNTING ME LIKE THIS??? WHY, WHY, WHY???

Because it HATES me, that's why.

HEY AARON, DO YOU READ THIS THING EVER ANYMORE?? If I buy myself a copy of the deluxe edition, do you want to buy my regular copy from me and you can burn yourself a copy of the bonus cd? DO YOU? SAY THE ANSWER IS YES AND WE WILL BE FRIENDS FOREVER.

Anyway, the album is really good even without Zoe! I kept having to tell myself that Zoe was there for a good chunk of its inception, that Rasputina has NEVER released an album without a line-up change and I like all their old stuff, too, that at least Jonathan is still here, and that it's really Melora who writes all the songs anyway so who carees who performs them? AND ALSO ZOE IS DOING REALLY REALLY PRETTY SOLO WORK RIGHT NOW, IT'S NOT LIKE SHE'S DEAD OR ANYTHING, SO IT'S OKAY.

I don't know what I'll do when I go to see them live and Zoe isn't there. I keep forgetting that when I first saw Raspy in concert, Zoe was brand spanking new, and everyone was all, "Eh, the new girl is pretty okay." I WILL JUST HAVE TO GET USED TO SOMEONE ELSE, and try not to get too attached to them this time.


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